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Driving Safety

The number of drivers increase every year. Being safe while driving is important to employers and employees alike. There are many reasons to drive, whether it be to and from work, making a sales call or delivering a product or service.
Studies show that traffic accidents claim more than 30,000 lives and cause more than one million serious injuries each year. Many of these occur when driving to and from work or for business purposes. In fact, motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death on the job. OSHA estimates that accidents cost employers billions of dollars a year in health insurance and workers’ compensation.
Employers can do a number of things to reduce driving accidents or potential driving accidents. A good driving safety program and training are essential to this goal. The more often you or your employees are on the road the more likely an accident will occur. Take steps to reduce driving time while on the job. Accidents can also be reduced by simply informing employees of the hazards that can be encountered while driving. Some of the hazards can be caused by:

• weather conditions, such as snow, ice or rain;
• road rage;
• the volume of drivers on a road; and
• the speed at which you are driving.
Employees need to be properly trained in driving precautions.


#08-015 Driving Safety Training Program

Program is available on VHS or DVD. Program contains training video, leader's guide on CD with printable employee quiz, certificate, training log and other printable items. Employees will be trained to know the importance of safe driving, how to prepare to drive, differences in highway and city driving, proper parking procedures, hazards of speeding and the dangers of drinking and driving. Program includes training video and leader’s guide (which includes the following printable items: quiz and answer key, training log, certificate, wallet cards and listing of site specific information.) Also available in Spanish with Spanish student items and English instructor items.


#B08-015 Driving Safety Booklets

These booklets coordinate with the video program and include a quiz on the last page. We have booklets available on a variety of topics (most coordinate with video training packages).


#M08-015 Driving Safety Manual CD-Rom

OSHA requires employers to document their safety procedures. We have made available a "Fill-in-the-Blank" manual to help you comply with OSHA record keeping regulations. Simply insert the CD into your computer and follow the printable instructions. In a matter of minutes you can print your own custom manual about driving safety.


Safety Motivational Posters Laminated

We have available over 50 safety motivational posters covering many topics. Full-color and eye catching, posters are a constant reminder to your employees to think safe, work safe and be safe! Quantity discounts start at just 11 posters and you can mix or match to get the price break. Item LP830 deals with safe driving.



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